23 - 24 July, 2019 | Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, South Wharf, VIC

Michele Lewis

Chief Executive

1:50 PM CASE STUDY: Mecwacare’s Journey and Combating the Challenges Presented by Significant Shifts in the Marketplace

Mecwacare has had to fundamentally transform their organisational structure, products and vision from being Government to Consumer oriented in response to home care reform. Their journey, while successful, was not without its challenges as external factors can be uncontrollable and unpredictable. In this session, Michele will discuss:

  • Their digital transformation journey and rapid extension from 5 to 11 centres in the last couple of years with insight into further expansion plans
  • How they are handling the pace of change and the importance of learning from your mistakes in order to keep growing your business
  • How her continuity of leadership within mecwacare from Day 1 has impacted overall organisational success and culture development
  • Ongoing audits they have put in place for consistent quality of services and assessment of progress

10:10 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Up-skilling Workforce Capabilities and Recruiting Appropriate Personnel to Thrive in this Digital Era

Building a competent workforce is important for business growth and success. This panel will discuss how:

  • Ongoing training will up-skill your workforce in a technology-heavy environment
  • Investing in rigorous recruitment and induction processes will ensure appropriate personnel is hired
  • Aligning staff expectations with broader business goals and vision will ensure clarity in skill sets and organisational direction
  • How to manage employee expectations regarding access and level of technology and support


Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Michele.

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