01 - 02 August, 2019 | Melbourne, Victoria

Jac Mathieson

Chief Nursing Officer
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

11:40 AM CASE STUDY: Embedding Continuous Learning in Overall Strategy to Drive Sustainable Change at Peter Mac

Education is an important aspect of change management, without which change would be unattainable. Yet education must be ongoing and inherent to the induction process to ensure the change is sustainable. Reflecting on their change management strategy moving into the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC), in this session Jac will discuss:

  • The role of leadership in driving clinical engagement in continuous education and the need to realise that technology and digitisation is a clinical project that must be clinicallyled if we are to truly understand that impact technology has on clinicians, patients and workflows
  • What and how Peter Mac instilled practices that enhance workplace quality and governance before, during and after their transition into the VCCC
  • Getting the right people in the room who are experts in technology and can lead the transition, including change champions and investing in a “super user” program
  • The challenge of training while running a fulloperational facility - majority of healthcare professionals learn by doing so its important to elect the best medium to maximise learning and interaction

10:30 AM KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Establishing the Link Between Nursing Leadership and Enhanced Staff Retention, Recruitment and Patient Outcomes

Positive nursing leadership directly correlates with a happier safer workplace in acute, community and aged care settings. With reference to Peter Mac, Jac will discuss:

  • The dire need to modernise the way we lead healthcare and plan the workforce to align with changing work environments and expectations of the next generation of workers
  • How to keep your staff engaged as they transition and settle into a new environment, lessons learnt from Peter Mac’s relocation
  • How the VCCC is changing the way nurses work as teams work more autonomously in single rooms and now service over 180 patients daily

12:00 PM EXPERT PANEL DISCUSSION: How to Leverage the Full Potential of Nursing Informatics

This panel will explore how to use nursing informatics more effectively to improve stakeholder communication for more transparent and efficient patient flow and improved patient care. Discussion points will include:

  • Resources required to aggregate robust data and translate into meaningful interpretations
  • Identifying data that is fit for purpose for frontline clinicians to mitigate clinical patient risk
  • The need for nurses to become data astute and closing the skills gap with focused and continuous training
  • Achieving transparent patient flow information, accurate scheduling and patient transfer in real time across your healthcare facility
  • Ability for demand management through predictive analytics capability
  • Requirements enabling benchmarking from EMR’s for measuring quality of nursing care outcomes

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Jac.

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