23 - 24 July, 2019 | Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, South Wharf, VIC

Ingrid Ridler

Nurse Unit Manager Ambulatory Care Services
Mercy Hospital for Women

11:00 AM CASE STUDY: Adapting the Clinical Care to Suit the Patient/ Consumer: – A Unique Model of Care Based on the Six SIGMA Principles to Achieve Streamlined Workflows and Increased Stakeholder Engagement

Mercy Hospital for Women (MHW) follows the philosophy to “be the change, not follow the change”. MHW is renowned for their unique model of care based on the SIX SIGMA principles that empower staff to be the decision makers and be innovative in the delivery of excellent patient care. In turn, by having holistic family-centred care with an environment that is adapted to the needs of the workforce (not otherwise) is seeing positive impact on customer satisfaction and staff engagement. In this session, Ingrid will reflect on how they are redesigning their model of care to achieve:

  • Strong leadership and a strong culture for teamwork as staff feel empowered to work autonomously and become more committed and efficient as a result
  • Seamless patient care as staff engage more proactively with their customers to establish true understanding of their needs, achieving faster patient recovery rates
  • Elaborate education systems - bringing the information and education to staff every morning before they start work to achieve greater service ability and adaptability
  • More efficient clinical output via ipads and electronic clinical pathways that increase ability to perform

2:30 PM EXPERT PANEL DISCUSSION: Planning For a Future-Ready Workforce to Address the Rising Pressures Imposed by an Aging Population and the Prevalence of Technology

With projections for a significant shortage of nurses in the year 2020, the need to plan for the workforce of the future has never been greater. Unfortunately, what with technology, changing expectations and high acuity nursing with more complex patients, the pressure on our nurses is mounting. This panel will discuss:

  • Changing expectations of nurses in their role – a frank discussion about how nurses are coping with their mounting workloads and why leadership must intervene to support nurses
  • Ongoing and frequent training is critical to establish strong capabilities in leadership, technology and management, with case scenarios and learning by doing as great ways to train and educate
  • The need for more consistency in orientation programs to ensure strong foundational skills for our graduate nurses
  • Testing the technology with nurses to ensure usability and that it is truly in the nurses’ best interests


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