20-21 August 2018 | Pullman Melbourne Albert Park
Speaker Information:

Gerard Goh

Interventional & Diagnostic Radiologist
Alfred Health

11:00 AM CASE STUDY: Innovation in Minimally Invasive Technologies – How Interventional Radiology Leads to Improved Patient and Health Outcomes

Medical Imaging is facing a new era as new and emerging technologies and minimally invasive techniques emerge, transforming radiologists’ roles and practices. As an advocate for thinking ‘outside the box’, Gerard will:

  • Contrast open and videoscopic techniques – an introduction to interventional radiology and how it assists minimally invasive surgery
  • Discuss the challenges associated with obtaining infrastructure to support minimally invasive imaged guided diagnosis and treatment and challenges around being time adequate and efficient
  • Explore the benefits and opportunities for minimally invasive technologies to significantly improve the clinical and patient outcomes

3:00 PM EXPERT PANEL DISCUSSION: Current ICT Trends and Leveraging Emerging Technologies to Achieve Greater Connectivity and Access

Recent “disruptive technologies” currently impact business models in health. These can catalyse new models of care which bring the locus of control closer to the individual or their carers. Empowering individuals to manage their health status addresses the burden of disease and improves quality of life. This panel will provide some examples of how health services can leverage these technologies.

  • Greater connectivity and power of mobile devices supports distributed work tasks
  • Access to information when and where it is needed allows better health decisions
  • Collecting data continuously for individuals provides more personalised health understanding
  • Empowering the individual to take control of their health – how having a more engaged and informed patient can lead to better patient outcomes and patient-clinician relationships

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