23 - 24 July, 2019 | Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, South Wharf, VIC

Dr Elaine Saunders

Managing Director and Audiologist
Blamey Saunders

12:00 PM EXPERT PANEL DISCUSSION: Disruptive versus Constructive – Shifting Perspectives on the Implications of “Disruption” in Healthcare

Disrupting healthcare can have a negative connotation but we need to see it as being constructive rather than disruptive. This panel will explore the way we perceive “disruption” and how we can shift perspectives to view disruption in adifferent light so we may leverage disruption to our advantage:

  • Assessing the real meaning behind “disruptive innovation”
  • How can we identify the opportunities presented by disruption and leverage it to our advantage?
  • Why disruption is OK and is not something we need to be afraid of!
  • We must consider other costing models to achieve what we want to achieve at lower cost

1:30 PM CASE STUDY: Building a Client-Centred Hearing Aid and Hearing Health Business

Blamey Saunders recognises the need to be wholly client-centred and deliver better more affordable care. In light of this, they developed a new care model used business-wide for all types of clients. It looks at all aspects of evaluation including clients’ attitudes and medical complexities that flow through the care plan. In this session, Elaine will discuss how their care model is:

  • Addressing the need for completely clientcentred, flexible service and high quality care at an affordable price
  • Translatable to other areas of health, particularly in light of the IoT, smart technology and telehealth
  • Enables Blamey Saunders provides a matrix of client types based entirely on attitudes and medical complexity that helps them “slide the client into the right channel” and decide how to interact with their client, be it a softer approach or purely digital

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Elaine.

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