20-21 August 2018 | Pullman Melbourne Albert Park
Speaker Information:

A/Prof Paul James

Clinical Geneticist Director
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

3:30 PM CASE STUDY: Mainstreaming Clinical Genomics – Where Will We Be in 3-5 Years Time?

Australia is 3-5 years off from mainstreaming clinical genomics and applying it into nongenetic disciplines. In particular is the potential for preventative healthcare and tailored patient management as new technology enables rapid genome sequencing and the interpretation of genomic data. This presentation will discuss the transformative shift in genomics and discuss what we can anticipate in the not so distant future:

  • Recognising the subtle difference between realtime and point-of-care genomics
  • Opportunities to apply genomics in non-genetics disciplines such as cardiology and direct to consumer
  • How do we apply technology in a safe and sensible way and educating the community and industry to help them adapt to this shift

3:00 PM EXPERT PANEL DISCUSSION: Current ICT Trends and Leveraging Emerging Technologies to Achieve Greater Connectivity and Access

Recent “disruptive technologies” currently impact business models in health. These can catalyse new models of care which bring the locus of control closer to the individual or their carers. Empowering individuals to manage their health status addresses the burden of disease and improves quality of life. This panel will provide some examples of how health services can leverage these technologies.

  • Greater connectivity and power of mobile devices supports distributed work tasks
  • Access to information when and where it is needed allows better health decisions
  • Collecting data continuously for individuals provides more personalised health understanding
  • Empowering the individual to take control of their health – how having a more engaged and informed patient can lead to better patient outcomes and patient-clinician relationships

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